Her Many Faces..

I warned ya sis!

I'd like to state that this website was created as a last resort. I have tried to salvage what little relationship I now have with my own sister but she obviously doesn't care. On more than one occasion she got involved in my SLs. Something I refuse to do with her since I know how she is. One, the most recent SL. My char was involved with a man whom she also became involved with, knowing full well, my SL. I bid them both well and moved my char on. I still talked with my sister and the mun of my chars ex. 

That's when I came to find out that when I would come online. She would start IMing the ex telling him that I was harassing her and going off because I refused to accept them together. LOL, that never happened. While she was creating drama on the side, she'd be sending me pics for me to fix and do her nice profiles. I never knew what she was doing until it backfired on her and the ex IMed me, telling me to stop harassing her and to accept the fact our chars would not be together which left me surprised. He went on to say he would be reporting me and that's when I told him the truth as to my relationship with her.

I have a couple of logs with my sis. She told me to tell those IMing me that we were not related and to say I lied. No clue why she is ashamed of that. I think I am a wonderful person. I have RPed in Gor since it began on Aol and have never had problems with people and the least person I figured, was my own sister. Imagine that. I told her no. I refused to tell people I lied on a truth and make myself look bad. I have not lied to anyone and am not about to start now. I told her she got herself into this lying mess, she better get herself out. That's when she told me not to speak to her again. This happened back on Sept. 07. I have complied and even blocked all her Sns but she is consistently trying to blemish my char with the muns of Gor and those I consider friends. 

Creating new SNs and using my char pics which we had agreed we wouldn't do to one another. I have not done this to her but I figure she knows it bothers me and does it anyway. I am constantly receiving IMs from people I don't even know with her lies about me. We began talking again in April 08. I thought we were building on what we had..

Update:  It took alot but I made peace with my sis and have been trying to build the trust we had. Its hard to re-build something in one side while she continues to bring destruction on the opposite end..I love my sister very much and I had missed her. I thought everything was ok, even with the death of our mom. I thought we could build what we once had and leave the past behind us..

::Sighs:: Unfortunately that is not the case. I recently found out she spoke to an old friend of mine who just returned to RP, He mentioned to me that he spoke to her in reference of bringing back his char and mentioned my char since our chars have a past together, and ( 1 ) She actually told him the truth as to being my sister which surprised me and ( 2 ) She gave him a bit of advice..heh. "I suggest you don't have your char go to her because she has been spreading some lies about me." I don't mention her to anyone but I come to realize, muns who have a char with her char, she tries to have them block me with her pitiful lies..I am sick of it already. 

Ask yourself something: She is my sister and she is trying to make me look very bad with players I have played with for years and never had problems with, she is new to gor and all of a sudden, my chars are mentioned in many instances. She feels the need to even attack my character as a person. What does that tell you? She is doing this to her own blood so what makes you think she isn't pulling the wool over your eyes and you are nothing but a stranger. Its sad..you can believe me or not. I have a few logs..I am such the stranger that I have emails sending her stuff to various of her sns. Need proof then contact me..Unlike her, I don't feel the need to lie to anyone..She fears the exposure. If she would have stopped then..this would not be sent out now but she hasn't so here it is..

Oh..she may say I lied in reference to my name..lol Everyone knows me as Ida, short for Idalia..it is my middle name and a few know me by my first..Therefore it is NO lie..


Magdaline Black (A)

ii shebari il (A)

Kass Victorio (A)

kajiru leandro (D)

Afsana Taslim (A)

Jezebel Mercer (A)

Damianos Black(D/R)

i junichi l (D)

Il maja ll (A)

Evangeline Aspen (A)

Sandro Assanti (D/R)

Naveen Al Jabir (D)

I sharisu l (D)

keira assanti (A)

Obscene iust (A)

Sebastian Aranos (D)

kajira scarlett, Khils Scarlett (A)

Inez Alondra (A)

Samos Aurelius (A)

Stefan Castelli (A)

Almasi Damisi (D)

Quinn Justice (?D)

Athia Mosan (A)

Raven Kyler, RavenKestwhim (A)

Valerie p kadgar (A)

X jaslena X (A)

Natalia Theron (A)

Itzal Angel , angelic itzal (A)

Valerie S kadgar (D)

Devon Rivka (A)

Nasreen Blair (D)


XjinanX (A)

the dark malak (A)

Kajira Mandisa (A)

Demetri Vorenus (D)

Ajala Sade (A)

angelic neema (A)

Auriel Nght ? (A)

Marissa Nyte (A)

AngelinaVervier (A)

 DimasNomikos (A)

Sacha Azar




Some are deleted but most are active SNs, The following names were given to various to make it look as though she is not the same mun..

Aaron is Kass and I am sure a couple of others SNs

Nick is supposed to be Aarons man, lol..He does NOT exist..

Leena is supposed to be Magdaline, Aarons sister..

Manny is supposed to be Damianos..maybe even Mikael..

Jennifer is supposed to be Afsana..

Trust me when I say, none of these names shown is her given name..but I just recently learned she has  been giving her nickname to a few and that is Gigi..now that is one truth..